About REVA University

REVA University is a private university in Bangalore, India. It has been rated as one of the best universities in India for its academic standards and research-led teaching.

REVA University was founded by Dr. P. Shyama Raju in 2002which is managed by Rukmini Educational Charitable Trust with a vision to provide quality education to those who were not able to pursue it due to various reasons such as cost and distance from home or lack of support from their parents.

Courses offered

REVA University is one of the top MBA colleges in India. It offers courses such as MBA, Master in Finance, MSc in Finance, MS in Data Analytics and Master of Computer Science (MCS).It offers a wide range of courses for MBA students. These courses are tailored to suit the needs of working professionals.

It is one of the few universities in India that provides both on-campus and online courses. With more than 10,000 alumni and a wide range of courses, REVA is considered as one of the best business schools in India.

For Admissions 2021-22

    REVA University

    Admission difficulty

    The admissions process for MBA in REVA University, Bangalore is quite straightforward and simple.

    You need to fill up a form online and then send it to them. They will then contact you with the admission details.

    The admissions team will conduct interviews for all applicants who have submitted their applications online.

    You will be asked questions about your academic background, professional experience, personality and motivation towards studying MBA in REVA University.

    In order to be successful in MBA admissions, it is important to have a high GPA, good GMAT score and relevant work experience. It is also important to have an impressive resume and a high-quality personal statement.

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    Facilities available

    REVA University is one of the top universities in the country. It offers a variety of facilities to its students. These include classrooms, laboratories, libraries, computer labs and more.
    It is located in the heart of the city with easy access to public transportation. The university has a variety of amenities for students to enjoy including an on-campus coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.

    Advantages of studying in this college

    The REVA MBA course is designed to equip students with skills that are needed to be successful in today’s competitive business environment. The program prepares students to take on leadership roles and build their careers as well as businesses that are disruptive to the traditional way of doing things.

    Advantages of studying in REVA:

    – Easy to get into REVA University with its low acceptance rate

    – The course content is designed by professionals from various industries

    Campus Placement

    The campus placement team at REVA University is one of the best in the country that provides students with a wide variety of career opportunities. They provide extensive counseling and support to students who are looking for their next career move

    REVA University

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