About Priyadarshini Dental College

Priyadarshini Dental College And Hospital is a dental college and hospital which was founded in 2002 by the Indira Educational & Charitable.

The college has become one of the most sought-after dental colleges in India due to its high quality of education and services. It is also known for providing free medical treatment to poor patients.

The hospital provides the best quality care to its patients by having state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Courses offered

Priyadarshini Dental College And Hospital is one of the best dental colleges in India. It offers a range of courses including BDS, DMD, BDS-DMD, and BDS-DDS.

It offers a variety of courses to students from across the globe. The college has been approved by DCI and is one of the most trusted dental colleges in India.

For Admissions 2021-22


    Admission difficulty

    With the increasing number of students applying for admission into a college or university, the admissions process becomes more and more competitive.

    The admission process for this college is very competitive. To get into this college, students need to clear the NEET exam which is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

    The admission process is highly competitive with an entrance test that can be taken only once every few years, and an extensive application process that includes an interview and a personal statement.

    It has an admission difficulty that is quite high due to its rigorous entrance exam and board examination. This leads to a large number of students who are not able to get admissions due to lack of financial support or any other reason.

    Facilities available

    The dental college and hospital are one of the most sought-after places for students and faculty alike. The facilities available are world-class and the campus is a beautiful place to study or work.
    The dental college offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, with classrooms that are equipped with advanced technology. These classrooms also have advanced lighting and air conditioning systems, which help students stay focused on their studies.
    Facilities on campus:
    Advanced technology classrooms equipped with advanced lighting and air conditioning systems
    State of the art infrastructure with world class facilities

    Advantages of studying in this college

    Priyadarshini Dental College And Hospital is a reputed dental college in India and has been providing students with the best dental education. The college provides students with a range of opportunities to study and work, which are not available anywhere else.

    The advantages of studying in this college are that it provides an excellent learning experience, is close to many other educational institutions and offers excellent placements for its students.

    Campus Placement

    The importance of campus placement in the dental profession is that it provides a chance for students to get a job in the field they have chosen. It also helps them to find out if their choice was correct and what their career path would be.

    The campus placement process includes an interview with the head of admissions, a tour of the campus and hospital, as well as a mock clinic session with other students from different departments.


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