About Panimalar Institute of Technology

Panimalar Institute of Technology, an Christian Minority Institution of Technical Education operating under the Jaisakthi Educational Trust is intended to spread knowledge to aspiring students in Engineering and Technology. It has earned its name by not only providing top-quality education but also insisting on discipline.

Courses offered

The courses offered in this engineering college are mainly in the field of computer science and engineering. The college offers courses like Computer Science, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Information Technology, etc.

It is one of the top colleges in India offering various courses to students. It is a government-funded institute situated in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It has a strong faculty who have years of experience in teaching and research.

For Admissions 2021-22


    Admission difficulty

    The admission procedure atPanimalar Institute of Technologyis a difficult one. It requires students to clear the entrance exam and then go through a series of interviews.

    The college has seen a lot of changes over the years with regard to its admission process. They have made it easier for students by changing their entrance exam from multiple-choice questions to an interview-based test.

    In recent times, they have also introduced the need for an interview with parents along with the entrance test.

    Engineering is one of the most competitive and lucrative fields in India. It is a very difficult field to enter and stay in. That’s why it’s important to know what you need to do before you apply for engineering colleges.

    Facilities available

    Facilities available in Panimalar Institute Of Technology include library, ATM, mess, transport, water and sewage treatment plant.
    The institute is also eco-friendly and green in nature. There is a green campus that has been developed to reduce the carbon footprint of the institute.
    It has a number of facilities that students can use. These include the library, which has seating for 500 students, and 12000 e-journals available.

    Advantages of studying in this college

    The advantages of studying atPanimalar Institute of Technology are that they offer a number of scholarships, provide placement assistance, and have an easy and affordable fee structure.It offers a number of scholarships for students who have good academic scores or who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The college also provides placement assistance for students looking for internships or full-time jobs after graduation. The college has an affordable fee structure which is much lower than other colleges in India.

    Campus Placement

    The importance of campus placement in Panimalar Institute of Technology is it provides information about how to get campus placement for students and what are benefits of it.The Campus Placement program is designed to help students get jobs in their chosen field, providing them with a comprehensive set of services including job search assistance, resume preparation, interview coaching and career counseling.


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