About Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences

Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences is a private medical school in Vizianagaram, India. It was established in 1994 and has 150 MBBS seats. It is ranked 18th among Andhra Pradesh state medical schools.

Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS) was established in 1994 by the Maharaja of Vizianagaram, Sri Bhupathi Rama Varma, a philanthropist and philanthropist to the poor. The institution is run by the MIMS Foundation which also manages other educational institutions like MIMS College of Engineering and Technology and MIMS Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital.

Courses offered

The courses offered in Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences are designed to help students achieve their goals. The institute offers 18 different courses that can be studied in a span of 3-5 years.

With an aim to provide quality education, the institute offers popular courses like BSc, BHMS, BPT and MBBS which have a high demand across the country. The institute also provides career guidance for students after completion of their coursework.It is one of the best medical institutes in India with a long history and wide range of courses offered to students from across the world.

For Admissions 2021-22


    Admission difficulty

    The admission process for the admission in Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences is a challenging one.

    It is not easy to get a seat in the medical school. The seats are offered on basis of NEET score and NRI quota seats.

    The admission process for the medical school is based on NEET score and NRI quota seats, which are allotted according to the candidate’s performance in NEET.

    In order to get a seat, candidates need to have an aggregate score of 50% or more.

    The number of seats available in Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences is limited, and as such there are no opportunities for all students who wish to study

    Facilities available

    Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the leading medical colleges in India. It has been providing medical education for more than five decades and is considered one of the best in India.

    MIMS offers a wide range of facilities to its students, faculty members and staff members including well-maintained playgrounds, gymnasiums, hostels, libraries and labs.

    MIMS also provides highly qualified faculty with a degree from prestigious institutions like Harvard University, University of California at Berkeley or Stanford University.

    Advantages of studying in this college

    • The advantages of studying in Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences are many. It is one of the best medical colleges in India and it has a lot to offer its students.
    • MIMS is known for its high-quality faculty, world-class infrastructure, and excellent clinical learning opportunities.
    •  It also provides a platform for professional development through research projects, clinical attachments abroad, and career guidance.
    • MIMS gives every student an opportunity to study at the highest level with highly qualified teachers and to learn from the most experienced clinicians in their field.
    • It also provides excellent employment prospects for graduates as well as ample opportunities for research projects that can lead to academic awards or prizes.

    Campus Placement

    The campus placement program at MIMS is an initiative that has been successful in helping students discover their career path and get placed well into their chosen field.

    MIMS has a campus placement program which helps students find placements across various fields. It also helps students gain exposure in different sectors by providing them with internships and opportunities outside their chosen field.


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