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Koshys Group Of Institutions is a leading educational institute in India. We are committed to providing quality education and professional guidance to students who are looking for career opportunities in the field of management, finance, marketing, and hospitality.

Koshys Group Of Institutions was established in the year 2003 by Mr. C. Koshy. It is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Courses offered

Koshys Group Of Institutions is a well-known name in the field of education and it is one of the leading institutes in India.

It offers various courses to prepare students for professional careers like engineering, management, and law. It has been ranked as the top educational institute in India by The Times of India. Some of the courses offered by them include MBA, BBA, PGDBA, MCA and many more.

For Admissions 2021-22

    Koshys Group Of Institutions

    Admission difficulty

    Selection criteria: The selection criteria for admission to MBAs are as follows:

    – Minimum marks to get into an undergraduate degree program

    – Grade point average (GPA) from last two years

    – GMAT score from last three years

    The admissions committee evaluates the candidate’s personality as well as their academic record to decide whether they will be admitted or rejected. Most applicants are rejected during this stage due to lack of experience or poor academic performance.

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    Facilities available

    Koshys Group Of Institutions is a leading educational institution in the field of education, sports and entertainment.
    It has a wide range of facilities for students and visitors. The university offers accommodation for both male and female students, as well as for their families.
    It also provides a wide range of sporting facilities such as soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and more.

    Advantages of studying in this college

    Koshys Group of Institutions is a premier institute of higher education in India. It has been ranked among the top 10 colleges in India with an excellent placement record and an outstanding faculty.It is known for its diverse range of courses and programs, which are designed to cater to the diverse needs of students. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in various fields like engineering, medicine, management and law.It is also known for its cutting-edge facilities such as state-of-the-art laboratories and libraries. In addition to this, it also has well-equipped computer labs with internet connectivity.

    Campus Placement

    Koshys Group of Institutions is an integrated and multi-disciplinary education and training company. It has a network of educational institutions, job placement services, test preparation centers, coaching centers and career counseling.It is one of the leading education and placement consultancy in India. The company offers placements to students in various sectors such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, IT, HR and Banking.


    Koshys Group Of Institutions

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