About IMPACT Institute Of Management Studies

IMPACT Institute Of Management Studies is a leading institute of management studies, offering courses in business, management and leadership.

The IMPACT Institute Of Management Studies was founded in 1975 by a group of visionary faculty members and industry leaders. The institute has been ranked among the top 10 MBA programs for three consecutive years by Business Week.

Courses offered

The IMPACT Institute Of Management Studies is an online university with a focus on providing courses that are relevant to the business world.

It is a private institution that offers courses in management, leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship, and finance. It also has an online degree program for those who want to earn a degree without attending classes on campus.

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    IMPACT Institute Of Management Studies

    Admission difficulty

    MBA admissions in India are a difficult process. There are many factors that play into the decision of the admission committee, such as the student’s profile, their performance in academics, and their work experience.

    The admissions process starts with a personal interview, which is followed by an online application. The next step is the screening of GMAT scores and optionally, the submission of a resume and cover letter. The final step is submitting transcripts for undergraduate institutions.

    The admissions process for MBA in IMPACT Institute Of Management studies allows students to be assessed on their motivation, leadership skills and communication skills as well as their academic background.

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    Facilities available

    IMPACT Institute of Management offers facilities like classrooms and classrooms for seminars, as well as internet connectivity for students to do their homework.
    The IMPACT Institute of Management is a graduate school with a focus on management. It offers a wide range of facilities for the students.
    The institute has state-of-the-art facilities that include classrooms, libraries, and laboratories. The library has more than 10,000 books, journals and other materials available to the students. The institute also organizes guest lectures by renowned personalities in the field of management.

    Advantages of studying in this college

    The courses offered by the institute are designed to help students understand the fundamentals of management in order to become managers. The institute offers both online and offline learning options for those who want to learn at their own pace.

    IMPACT’s main objective is to provide quality education with affordable fees at a convenient location. They offer management programs in various disciplines like marketing, finance, human resources, operations research, and accounting.

    Campus Placement

    The IMPACT Institute of Management studies has a campus placement program for MBA students. Students are required to complete a set of tasks before they can be placed in an organization.It is a leading provider of education and career services for MBA students. They help their students find their dream jobs and make sure that they are getting the best possible placements.

    IMPACT Institute Of Management Studies

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