Akash Institute of Medical Sciences

Akash Institute of Medical Sciences Bengaluru is a private institute that was established in 2014. It has 150 seats for MBBS course. The institute is ranked 50th in Karnataka and has been recognized by the state government.

Akash Institute of Medical Sciences offers courses in various medical fields including MBBS, Dental, Nursing and Pharmacy. It also provides career guidance to its students in order to help them find suitable jobs after they graduate from college.

Courses offered

Akash institute of medical sciences is one of the most reputed medical institutions in India. It offers courses in MBBS, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Allied Health Science and Diploma Paramedical courses.

Akash Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the best medical education institutes in India. It offers a wide range of courses from undergraduate to postgraduate levels.

For Admissions 2021-22


    Admission difficulty

    The admission process of Akash institute of medical sciences is very difficult. The institute has a total number of 150 seats but only 70% of the seats are filled.

    The admission process is highly competitive with an entrance test that can be taken only once every few years, and an extensive application process that includes an interview and a personal statement.

    Some students have to wait for years before they get their admission. The admissions process is so difficult that many students prefer to study in other countries rather than wait for years in India.

    The admissions difficulty has been increasing over the last few years because the number of applicants has been increasing as well as the number of seats available at Akash institute

    Facilities available

    Akash institute of medical sciences is one of the most sought-after medical colleges in India. It offers a state quota of 25 % seats for NRIs and offers courses like MBBS, MD, and other medical courses.
    Akash is one of the best medical colleges in India with its state quota seats available for NRIs. The college offers a variety of courses – MBBS, MD, and other medical courses.

    Advantages of studying in this college

    Akash Institute of Medical Sciences is a college that offers students a wide range of programs and courses. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and dual degree programs in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nursing and allied health sciences.

    Some of the benefits that Akash Institute offers are:

    – It has an excellent infrastructure which includes well-equipped laboratories and classrooms.

    – The faculty members are highly qualified in their respective fields.

    – It provides students with ample opportunities for research work under the guidance of faculty members.

    – It has well-equipped library facilities which have a wide collection of books on science and medicine-related topics.



    Campus Placement

    The campus placement program is an integral part of the institute’s curriculum. It helps them to explore and learn about various healthcare facilities across the country, as well as make connections with healthcare professionals.

    The campus placement program also helps students to get work experience within their chosen field, which will help them secure a job after graduation.

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