About Acharya Bangalore Business School

Acharya Bangalore Business School was founded in 2008 through the late Dr. B. Vijaypal Reddy. The school is administered through SamagraShikshanaSamithi Trust, a not-for-profit organization situated within Karnataka, India and located in Bangalore. The school offers an education that includes Management life sciences, Commerce, Computer science, and mass communication. The school has a student-faculty to faculty ratio of 15:1. Acharya Bangalore B School has a continuous connection to Bangalore University and is approved by the Ministry of Human Resource Development as well as the Government of Karnataka. The school is accredited to Grade A from the National Accreditation and Evaluation Council with a CGPA of 3.23/4.0 in the second cycle.

MBA Courses offered

This School offers a wide range of courses that are well-suited for students who want to earn an MBA, M Com, BBA, BBA-Aviation Management, B.Sc. Biotechnology and B Com degrees.

The MBA from Acharya offers global exposure and the opportunity to get the right education for a better career. The college has a close relationship with leading companies and has signed MoUs with over 150 global companies. Students can take advantage of these opportunities through internships and placements. Besides, this MBA program has a unique Entrepreneurship Incubator. You can learn about entrepreneurship and the role it plays in the global economy.

For Admissions 2022-23

    Acharya Bangalore Business School

    ABBS Bangalore Admission

    The admission process is competitive and rigorous, with only few seats available every year. The admissions are highly competitive as well and it is not easy to get into this prestigious school.

    Admission is based on MAT and XAT scores, while the M.B.A. program is based on the results of an entrance exam. Applicants can apply online and fill out the application form. Upon approval, applicants will be contacted by an admissions officer.

    If you’re interested in studying MBA at ABBS Bangalore, you’ve come to the right place. You can find out more about ABBS Bangalore fees, courses and admission requirements.

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    Acharya Bangalore Business School MBA Fees

    Acharya MBA Fees are moderately high, but the program is worth the money spent. In recent years, MBA degrees have gained in value, leading to increased job opportunities and a handsome annual salary. If you’re planning to get an MBA, the postgraduate degree can be a good alternative and a worthwhile pursuit, since it enhances your knowledge and career prospects. A good place to start looking for MBA colleges in Bangalore is, where you can find reviews of MBA colleges in Bangalore and elsewhere in India.

    The Acharya Bangalore Business School is affiliated to the Bangalore University and is accredited by the NAAC. The school offers a variety of courses, including MBA and BBA. It has a reputation for providing a global perspective on business and has many of the world’s leading companies as alumni. The school charges competitive fees for the MBA, with INR 1,36,000 charged for the first year and INR 87,000 for the second. In addition, there are some tuition fees that are waived for students who want to pursue a PhD in a specific field.

    Advantages of studying in this college

    This School offers a variety of courses like MBA, PGDM, and PhD.

    Acharya Bangalore Business School provides students with a global perspective on business and management. It offers an opportunity for students to study in a diverse environment that includes the world’s leading companies from various industries.

    Campus Placement

    Campus placement is a process that allows students to find an appropriate job in the market. It is a vital part of the education system, and it helps students get into the right company at the right time.The Campus Placement program at Acharya Bangalore Business School is one of the most sought-after placement programs in the country. It is an excellent opportunity for students to get a job in their dream company.

    Acharya Bangalore Business School

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